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30 Must-Follow Twitter Feeds for Impact Investing


By Ana LaRue

The impact investing sector is evolving at lightning speed. It’s an exciting time for all of us, but keeping up with the pace of change can be challenging, even for enthusiasts.

Thank heavens for Twitter. Like many media-savvy celebrities before them, the movers and shakers of impact investing are now communicating through tweets, making Twitter a great way to keep up with everything that’s happening in the sector.

The following list features thirty of the top Twitter influencers in the impact investing space. Add them to your feed and tune in to the latest news and views on impact today.

Organizations with must-follow Twitter feeds for Impact Investing

Individuals with must-follow Twitter feeds for Impact Investing

  • @ab_noble – Abigail V Noble, Head ofImpact Investing at World Economic Forum (@WEF@davos)
  • @ABLImpact – Antony Bugg-Levine, CEOof Nonprofit Finance Fund (@nff_news)
  • @adamspence – Adam Spence, Founder ofthe @theSVX and Associate Director at MaRSCentre for Impact Investing (@MaRSDD )
  • @BlendedValue – Jed Emerson, Impact Investing and Entrepreneurship Thought Leader
  • @cathyhc – Cathy Clark, Director, #CASEi3 Initiative onImpact Investing
  • @franseegull -Fran Seegull, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director, ImpactAssets (@IAimpactassets )
  • @HarveyKoh – HarveyKoh, Director, @InclusiveMkts part of Monitor Deloitte
  • @ImpactInSight – BenThornley, Director, InSight at Pacific Community Ventures (@PCVtweets)
  • @jnovogratz – Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO of @Acumen
  • @LisaGreenHall – Lisa Hall, Impact investing expert, former Chief Strategy Officer Calvert Foundation (@calvert_fdn)
  • @pdgoldman – Paula Goldman, SeniorDirector at @OmidyarNetwork
  • @pierre – Pierre Omidyar, Founder of @OmidyarNetwork

Of course, we know this list is partial: there are plenty more interesting tweeters out there using social media to deliver new perspectives on impact investing. If you have suggestions, we’d like to hear about them. Get in touch to let us know who’s on your must-follow Twitter list @Maximpactdotcom.

Image credit: Anatolii Babii, 123FR