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Best Twitter Hashtags for Following Trends in Impact Investing

hashtagBy Marta Maretich @mmmaretich @maximpactdotcom

Twitter is hot in the impact investing sector. The overwhelming reaction to our post on the 30 must-follow twitter feeds for impact investing demonstrated once again that the impact world relies on Twitter to keep in touch. (To those of you who sent in your recommendations, thank you! A follow-up post is in the works.)

Using #hashtags (the metatags that categorize tweets) is a further way to tune into conversations in the impact space. Here at Maximpact, we try to keep up with the evolution of impact in its broadest sense, so we use many different Twitter hashtags in our social media. The hashtags are constantly changing, even as the as the sector changes, but here are some we find ourselves using on a daily basis:

#impinv, #impactinvesting: Impact investing news, dialogue, trends. The most common metatag for impact tweets.

#socfin, #socialfinance: A common metatag used for a variety of different types of activity around social investing including impact.

#socent, #socialenterprise: Social enterprise and social investing activity, often crosslinked with #impinv and #socfin.

#socinv, #socialinvesting: Social investing in its broad sense, often includes tweets on #impinv, #socent and other approaches.

#sustainableinvesting: Tweets on investing in sustainable businesses as well as sustainable strategies for investment.

#SRI: Activity around social and responsible investing as well as SRI programs and investment strategies.

#CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility many CSR programs are now experimenting with financial methods including impact.

#ESG: Information about ESG (environmental, social, governance) standards and companies or programs using them to support responsible investing.

#3bl, #tbli: Stands for triple bottom line investment, aka #peopleplanetprofit, one approach to responsible investing that can involve impact.

#ethicalfinance, #ethicalinvestment, #positiveinvestment: For more buzz about impact investing and other social finance approaches.

Major impact-focused events often establish their own hashtags and these can be a good way to connect with the conversation even if you’re not in the room. We never fail to tune in to #socap events.

Hashtags for specialist areas of impact investing: #cleantech, #greentech, #renewables, #natresources, #SIBs (social impact bonds), #SROI (social return on investment), #carbon, #climate, #climatechange, #crowdfunding. #zerowaste, #netzero. #sustainability, #susty, #financialinclusion.

This is only a small selection of the possibilities. Metatags abound, and new ones are being thought up every day by clever Tweeters and ones who recognize a new area of interest. Which hashtags are your favorites? Which are key to keeping in the loop? Let us know @maximpactdotcom.

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