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How Maximpact is helping to bridge labour, language and economic gaps


Every year, thousands of migrants and refugees arrive in host countries ready to start new lives. Often having fled potentially life-threatening situations, these migrants are now faced with the overwhelming task of relocating, setting up new lives and finding employment. To add to this daunting task, many find themselves in countries with a different home language to their own and hence face massive language barriers as well. With few job prospects available to them, integrating socially and economically is a huge challenge and many refugees struggle to integrate into their new homes.


Language and employment

It is estimated that in the United Kingdom, on average, over 50% of migrants and refugees don’t have enough English language skills to find work. However, speaking the local language and finding employment are key elements in helping migrants and refugees achieve social and economic integration.

This is where Maximpact’s Fast Track to Employment Programme comes in. The programme equips migrants and refugees with the skills required for them to start afresh in their new environments. Maximpact’s Fast Track to Employment Programme helps to fill labour shortage gaps, and to address the economic integration of migrants and refugees through its innovative approaches to language teaching, job training and assistance with finding jobs.

In short, the programme prepares migrants and refugees for employment, helping them to enter the job market and begin to build their new lives as quickly as possible.


How Maximpact’s Fast Track to Employment Programme works

The Fast Track to Employment Programme courses are designed to equip individuals to be job-ready within two to four months, depending on their existing language and skill levels. Taking economic factors into account as well, the courses focus on a number of sectors facing labour shortage gaps, including social care, retail, hospitality, agriculture and waste management.


The programme offers:

  • Language for employment: This is a specialised programme that equips migrants and refugees with appropriate language skills to prepare them for employment or further professional development. Tutoring is delivered through an online virtual classroom. English for Employment is presented through 60 hours of live online training sessions.
  • Job placement opportunities: Maximpact works with employers and social enterprises that provide employment opportunities to the refugees and migrants. Through employment, refugees obtain on the job training, income and social integration.
  • The programme is designed to be completed within a short time frame, and is easily adapted to each individual’s unique situation. During the course, Maximpact organises job interviews for participants, and students are given guidance on CV drafting and job interviews, as well as assistance with setting up their International English Language Testing System (IELTS) online.


A point of difference:

All the courses are led by highly experienced teachers. Smart devices and online assistance in a student’s first language are provided during the course. Once students have completed the programme, Maximpact’s consultants speak directly with recruiters and refugee support networks on their behalf.

Here’s what some of our successful participants have had to say:

“Many thanks to Annelie, she really teach us patiently. We will keep working hard as much as we can.” – Nibal

“Many thanks Caroline and Ms. Annelie for your effort and many thanks for everyone who works in the shadow and make this course come true.” – Ali

“Caroline and Annelie, many thanks for your big effort which you give it to us. Annelie expert teacher and the results will appear soon. We will never forget this job and many thanks for the leaders in British Government.” – Farouk

Why online training?

Maximpact’s teaching and training courses are presented in a live, online learning format. This type of online training has been chosen as we have found that it is ideal for migrants and refugees due to it being:

  • Easily available. Language classes in rural and remote areas are often not easily available. Where these classes do exist, they are not relevant to refugees’ and migrants’ needs.
  • Highly accessible. Students don’t need to find transport to class, arrange carers for their children, or make alternative arrangements when they face health problems or disabilities.
  • Highly flexible. Students can study at any time they like, making it easy for them to work around other commitments.

Read our article on self-study for more benefits to online learning.


Maximpact’s Fast Track to Employment Programme combines theoretical training with on-the-job training

As the programme’s main purpose is to upskill migrants and refugees quickly, tuition is paired with job placements, which provide on-the-job training. This teaches students to understand and communicate fluently in English before launching their careers.

Maximpact’s consultants also reach out to potential employers, advising them on refugee employment. Maximpact is in direct contact with a number of respected employers such as Bluebird Care UK, RGIS, Beannchor Group, Hastings Hotels and Novosco.


Help us continue our work

Maximpact Fast Track to Employment Programme is offered at no charge to students. We rely on governments and organisations to help support our efforts. By equipping individuals with the means to earn a living, they are empowered to find ways out of poverty. At the same time, this fills critical labour gaps in a variety of industries and job sectors.

Maximpact recently received the Northern Ireland Department for the Economy’s support to run its Fast Track to Employment Programme for Syrian refugees.

If you are an organisation, foundation or philanthropist that wishes to fund a group of eight refugees for our Fast Track to Employment Programme, please get in touch with us at Your contribution can directly help individuals to start their new lives, and indirectly help to bridge labour gaps where it is needed most.


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