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How to Hire the Right Expert


The changing global economy has meant the way in which business is conducted must change also. Businesses are relying more on light company structures; opting to work with more freelance experts and small to medium sized consulting firms to get the job done. Outsourcing is a light weight and more flexible alternative that enables companies to operate more efficiently, as they are no longer weighed down by the cost of only relying on their permanent staff that limits their ability to scale quickly when needed.

Outsourcing expertise has many benefits which are not limited to only saving time and money and can improve a company’s long-term business performance. Your expert should be well-versed in that specific skill and better equipped for resolving problems and thus guaranteeing success. This means that specialized support can be brought in to fix a specific problem and enable the company to move forward with limited disruption.

While the marketplace for consultants and freelance experts is now world wide, the sheer volume of choices makes it confusing. Making errors in selecting experts can be time consuming, costing you time and energy. You need to find ways to vet your consultants and experts thoroughly to avoid trial and error and to ensure brand reputation is being maintained.

Step 1: Identifying Your Needs

Prior to seeking out the right expert, it’s important that you take time to identify the exact hiring needs. View this process in the same way you would approach hiring in-house office staff.

Describe the job specifications and make sure to include each area of responsibility you want that person to be accountable for which includes the deliverables and time lines that are equally important factors.

Working with a consultant in the hiring process can better crystallize your needs as consultants bring with them a wealth of experience to help you better understand the options, solutions and your essential needs for the position. During the process of contracting the expert will assist in providing a concrete framework for the requirements that are expected and he can deliver to finalize the scope of work.

Step 2: Where to Find the Right Expert

Defining the type of expert you need should be the easy part. You might find that a financial expert can help you better to navigate and grow your business, or you might need a marketing or technical consultant to assist you in the office. Whether you are seeking someone with specific skills or in a certain geographic location. Here are some options that might be useful:

Consulting Firms. Rather than hire an individual freelance expert, many people opt to outsource a small to medium sized consulting firm. Dealing with a consulting firm brings to you a mix of expertise and support as a group. On the other hand working with multiple staff members may require more co-ordination than working with one trusted individual but should be decided on a case by case basis.

Step 3: The Selection Process

It can be exceptionally difficult to find the right expert simply by how they present themselves. Whether you’re looking at resumes, CVs, profiles on a professional recruitment site, or expert websites, often what you’ll find is empty marketing rhetoric. You have to be able to weed through the sales pitch and find the qualifications. Here are some things to consider:

Actual experience. Disregard the “noise” and pinpoint the actual experience they have by projects and time.

Concrete achievements. All CVs and profiles tell you how talented the person is. Pinpoint actual achievements. If they’re in marketing, look for figures that show a marked ROI. If it’s not in their material, that might be a good sign to disregard and move on.

Experience in training or mentoring. If you’re hiring a consultant, it’s important that they show experience in training or mentoring because that’s the primary reason for hiring a consultant. The number of publications which have recognized their expertise and the geographic locations they have experience in will be important factors in their ability to deliver.

Consulting fees. Fees can vary widely depending on the level of experience and the amount of time in their field. Someone who has worked with the top in the field, will likely command a much higher pay scale. Geographic location and economic factors will also influence pay scales in their location as well as their specific skill set.

Are You Looking for an Expert or Consultant?

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