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Maximpact Blog was created to highlight and discuss the various sector of focus areas covered within Maximpact Ecosystem.

Maximpact Ecosystem was designed as platform to bring together Social Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Non Profits, Intermediaries, Funders, Government bodies and Multilateral Institutions within impact and sustainability.

The Maximpact Blog is an integral part of this community, providing a commentary on key issues being addressed within over  200 sectors and sub-sectors focused on creating good impact and a more sustainable future.


At Maximpact, we strongly believe that open exchange and cross‐sector collaboration is the key to strengthening the emerging impact and sustainability sectors. Therefore we are always open to guest contributors wishing to submitted compelling, unique  bylined articles, news pieces and interviews that they feel our readership would enjoy.

In 2015 several writers request to contribute to the Maximpact Blog via our contribution section of the blog site. We were unable to get to all contributors last year and are excited that we will be starting this year with exciting opportunities for the blog and are able to contact all who registered.

If you would like to contribute to the Maximpact Blog in 2016 we would like to hear from you.

By submitting your content, you will benefit from access to a large global network of industry experts as well as increased promotion through Maximpact’s media channels. You will also receive full credit for your contribution as well as links to your sites and social media sites.


  • General industry blogs is the areas of: impact investing, cleantech, sustainability, natural resources, circular economy, ocean economy, green construction, eco & green, sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture, biomimicry, renewable energy, philanthropy, CSR and our other sustainable sectors of focus.
  • The content should preferably be tied to the effects on sustainable enterprises and projects and impact investing
  • Reacting to, responding to and filtering of latest INDUSTRY news and information
  • Insights, case studies, “how to” articles and analysis
  • Opinions and commentaries on wider sector issues

To contribute send us an email with the subject title “Maximpact Contributor” to media(at)  and we will provide you with guest posting guidelines as well as additional information on how to submit your content.


Our Maximpact communications team is always open to working with journalists around the world to share what Maximpact Ecosystems is creating with its unique network. If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk to us, please get in touch at press(at)