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Maximpact Deals: Recent Successes and Measurable Impact

By Ana LaRue, Digital Media Manager, Maximpact, @larue_ana

What is Maximpact Deals?

Maximpact Deals is an online platform that lets you list your project or venture and enables you to connect directly; free of charge and commission-free; with partners and potential funders in the impact and sustainability industry.

With a mission to foster collaboration between different parts of the growing impact and sustainability sectors, our platform is wide open, making it a shared community where everyone is invited to participate and benefit from direct connections and high-impact collaborations.

The platform brings together entrepreneurs, nonprofits and investors in a way that gives everyone a chance to promote their projects, network with others, share resources and identify opportunities. It is a win-win situation for all.

How does Maximpact Deals help you achieve impact?

Since its launch in 2012, Maximpact Deals has had role in developing a number of deals and fostering many productive partnerships. As the platform grows and evolves, it’s becoming clear that there are many benefits to our open collaboration model.

Connect directly: One of the comments we often hear from our members is that the platform truly facilitates direct connections for high-impact collaborations. Because the registration allows you to personally connect with individuals by giving you their direct contact information, the experience is very direct and highly effective.

As one of our members told us: “The platform lets you tap into the Maximpact ecosystem and find your perfect partners very quickly and without having to search the entire web.” So far, a handful of such connections have already evolved into long-term partnerships and our goal is to continue connecting the dots and setting the stage for more high-impact collaborations.

Promote your business: Maximpact Deals is different from some deal platforms in that it does not act as an intermediary; a fact our users appreciate. Rather, it serves as a showcase where projects can be discovered by investment funds, intermediaries, incubators and accelerators. Kiva is just one example of the many organizations currently sourcing ventures and projects through Maximpact.
On the funding side, our current membership includes over 350 financial intermediaries and funds such as World Vision, Triodos Bank, LGT, Big Society Capital and others. So by listing your project or venture you not only tap into our network, but also increase your chances of being noticed by other intermediaries, accelerators and incubators, thus extending your reach and multiplying your chances of success.

Secure funding or source attractive new deals: As Maximpact Deals continues to develop, the strength of our network is becoming more and more apparent. At the moment, Maximpact offers access to over 500 live projects. Because a single project is often seeking funding in various geographic locations, this adds up to over 1500 business opportunities.

Start connecting today

If Maximpact Deals is that simple and that good, how do I get started, you may ask? A simple registration process allows you to immediately start sharing information about your projects and begin contacting the network.

Begin by registering your organization. Once your registration has been vetted and approved, you will receive a notification allowing you to log in and list your projects and ventures and search for deals on our secure, password protected platform.

Let’s make it even better; together!

The strength of Maximpact Deals lies in its community of users. Without our loyal members and supporters, we would not be celebrating the success stories that give us so much satisfaction. With every deal and connection made, we come one step closer to achieving our mission: facilitating communication and increasing deal flow across this previously fragmented sector.

With this motivating us, we go on trying to improve the user experience. We welcome suggestions and would love to hear about your own success stories using the platform. Let us hear from you at: