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Carbon Neutrality in Hospitals Elusive, But Worth the Effort

RESTON, Virgina, July 31, 2023 ( Sustainability News) – The health care sector accounts for about 4.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Burning fossil fuels to operate hospitals and clinics 24/7, producing the medicines, medical devices, food, and equipment to provide health care has been releasing heat-trapping greenhouse gases, but now a new readiness in the industry to curb those emissions is emerging.

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Healthy Leadership

“The ambition of healthy leadership can be compared to the ambition of healthy people, healthy communities or a healthy environment. ” International expert in ethics and leadership Dr. Erny Gillen discusses the importance of Healthy Leadership and how Pope Francis’ Leadership principles can lead the way.

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China & USA: Green Health Care Partners

A delegation from the Chinese health sector came to the Bay Area in September to identify strategies that can address the health effects of climate change and foster green, environmentally sustainable health care in both China and the United States.

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Hope for Cancer Patients in Genomic Data Sharing

Oncologists share information about their cancer cases through medical journals and conferences, but now cancer experts want to assemble big data files on millions of cancer patients from around the world for high-performance computers to analyze.

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Smartphones, Wearables Empower Health Providers

Device development at the intersection of smartphones, wearable and flexible electronics, everyday materials and healthcare is advancing quickly. There are smartphone microscopes to detect skin cancers, smartphone software to diagnose ear infections, smart contact lenses to track blood sugar and even paper skin.

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The Evolving Meaning of Sustainability

photograph of a lady in a dress of flowers

Sustainability is a key concept for our times. For impact investors who want to put their capital behind better ways of doing business, it’s an important indicator of investability. But what exactly do we mean when we say “sustainability” or “sustainable”? This blog explores how the meaning of sustainability is changing and what that may mean for social investors.

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