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Tackling Plastic Pollution

Polymateria CEO Niall Dunne discusses the technology surrounding biodegradable plastics, and how Polymateria’s biotransformation technology could see applications in everyday household items.

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Closing the Cycle on Single-Use Plastics

RICHLAND, Washington, February 25, 2023 ( Sustainability News) – Petroleum-based plastic waste is an untapped resource that can serve as the starting material for useful durable materials and for fuels. But looking at a mountain of plastic waste and seeing its value “requires an innovator’s mindset, a chemist’s ingenuity, and a realist’s understanding of the economics involved,” says an international team of scientists in describing their new research.

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Finding Microbes That Feast on Plastic Waste

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, December 30, 2021 ( News) – Is it possible that waste plastic – so toxic, so pervasive – could just – disappear? If so, this feat will likely be accomplished by microbial enzymes, creatures so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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Healing the Plastic-Sick Seas


More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually around the world, yet less than 10 percent of all plastic is recycled. Instead, at least eight million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans each year, equal to a garbage truck every minute.

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