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Water Sector Spotlight Deal: HydroMentia

Imagine a water treatment technology that costs less than traditional chemical treatment methods but which improves water quality by delivering low treatment levels using a natural and sustainable solution. Our latest spotlight deal—HydroMentia—can do just that.

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Playa Viva ticks all the boxes for a great holiday destination: a luxurious boutique hotel in an idyllic tropical location with wonderful food and a pristine beach. It’s so good Elle magazine chose it as one of the world’s top Conscious Getaways for 2013.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has plenty in common with impact investing. (See The Impact Investing-CSR Opportunity for more) Now CSRHub, a tool that provides CSR sustainability ratings for companies, is listed on Maximpact in a bid to attract the funds it needs to grow to scale

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Spotlight Deal: LightUp Africa

“When was the last time you had to go without electricity for a day…? Now imagine going one day,one month or your entire life without access to electricity. That is how life is for 85% of Kenyans, over 500,000,000 Africans and 1.5 billion people around the world.” Light Up Africa founder Alan Hurt

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Shine On: Solar Deals Light Up Maximpact

Light on Deal

Maximpact has always hosted a wide variety of solar deals on our site. Today’s deals reflect key trends in the solar sector including a new focus on deployment of existing technologies, diversifying services to support other parts of the solar supply chain and offering sustainable energy solutions for off-grid users in emerging markets.

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Equitable Origin: An Eco-label for Fossil Fuels

Imagine a Fair Trade-style eco-label for fossil fuels. A glance at the logo tells customers buying this fuel—or products made from it—that it’s produced using the highest environmental standards and in a way that helps rather than harms local communities. This is the idea behind Equitable Origin, the first and only independent certification and certification trading system for oil and gas production. It’s now seeking impact investment on the Maximpact deal site.”

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Pyrum Innovations: Transforming Waste into Value


Thermolysis. You may not have heard of this process yet, but if the team at Pyrum Innovations have their way, you may soon find yourself using the valuable raw materials or the oil, gas and electricity it produces. Pyrum Innovations started with the ambition to find breakthrough solutions to recycling polymer waste, the waste from used tires, bituminous roof insulation, weather stripping, various kinds of packaging and many other common items.

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Spotlight Deal: Wello WaterWheel

The case of the Wello WaterWheel, now listed on Maximpact’s Intermediary Portal, shows how fast a good idea can catch on, attracting enthusiastic users, collaborators and investors from an early stage.

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