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Walking to Live and Loving to Walk

LODZ, Poland, August 12, 2023 ( Sustainability News) – Walk more to live longer, a team of European scientists says after conducting a new comprehensive study of how plain, simple walking benefits our health. The number of steps we should walk every day to start seeing these benefits is lower than previously thought, according to the latest, largest analysis ever to investigate this issue. The new analysis of 226,889 people from 17 different studies across the world has shown that the more we walk, the greater the health benefits. 

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Pesticide Alarm

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reversed its decision to protect children from developmental disabilities and autism resulting from exposure to a neurotoxic pesticide that was scheduled to be banned in March.

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EU Warns of Toxic Toys, Clothes

Buyers beware! The European Commission has published new figures showing that last year more than 2,000 dangerous products triggered EU-wide alerts. Coping with the threats involves stemming the rising tide of products bought online from outside the European Union.

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