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Sacred Sites Strategize for Impact Investments

Representatives of sacred places and cities that attract spiritual pilgrims are working with highly placed conservationists to create a dedicated fund for their environmental protection by relying on the investment community’s growing commitment to ethical or impact investment.

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Six CSR Strategies for Startups

Startups now have a new strategic guide to help them build a record of social responsibility, courtesy of the philanthropic Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

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Transforming Poverty into Sustainable Prosperity through Agri-business and Agro-processing


Like in many regions around the world, poverty is the scourge that’s destroying disadvantaged communities in the Overstrand region of the Western Cape – South Africa. One of Maximpact’s latest deals introduces their innovative Agri-business and Agro-processing solution for a social enterprise with commercial business activities, whose surplus profits will fund and grow the existing social purpose programmes.

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19 Ways to Find Funding for Impact!

At Maximpact we believe that more funding options are needed to increase deal flow and foster sector growth. Our registered members can choose among 19 different funding possibilities.

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